Evolutionary Compass Birthchart 2 hour reading / $250

Evolutionary Compass Birthchart Reading offers you a strategic map to personal growth and  happiness. Together we survey how the planets’ influences are expressing in all major areas of your life. With a non-judgmental approach, we examine places that cause pain, frustration, and dysfunction;  the more we identify these places, the more energy there is for a transformational shift.  

There are 360 degrees of archetypal human expression, and each person is a unique configuration within that sphere of humanity.  

Well intentioned self-help advice that is not appropriate for you as an individual can be ineffective, or even undermine your growth and happiness. Life’s journey is a work in progress, and you will benefit from a customized strategic map based on your unique astrological makeup.

Introductury Astrology 1 hour Reading / $150


current events 2 hour reading / $250

Current Events Readings offer detailed information about the internal and external influences, directives and themes at work in your life now, and into the immediate future. Learn what is changing, why it is changing, and plan how best to respond. Current events information is grounded back in to the Evolutionary interpretation of your birth chart, reinforcing support for transformation.  

A Lay of the Land or Evolutionary Compass Soul Reading is required before doing a Current Events Reading.

relationship readings 2.5 hour reading / $300

Relationship Readings offer insight into the dynamics, resources and evolutionary potential of any two people in a relationship - couples, co-workers, family members, etc. Learn about someone else as an independent soul - what motivates and nurtures them, why they do what they do, how they process information. Gain clarity on how you influence each other and can relate in the most fulfilling way. Understand the needs and evolutionary intention of the relationship itself, which has a chart of its own, and wants you to nurture it in a specific way.

Relationship readings usually require that both individuals have at least one personal reading before the relationship reading, and always require the consent of both individuals.

you are my sunshine 2 hour / $200

You Are My Sunshine Readings offer an interpretation of a Childs chart, for an adult that loves them. These readings are dear to my heart, and I do them in honor of my grandchildren who are indeed My Sunshines. Learn the unique ways that an individual child gains emotional security, makes sense of the world, and is called by a passion. See them as an independent soul, and understand how to best support their well being and growth.

You are my Sunshine Readings are for children of any age, from newborns to teens, and are only offered to clients who have had a reading with me.

Resource Readings 1 hour $100 / 2 hours $175

Support Sessions offer ongoing support and guidance. This is the place to build on the foundation of your readings by gaining deeper insight in to your personal evolution, process what is going on in your life, and gain clarity on important decisions. Many people use these sessions to create and refine action items that they can employ in their day to day life to support their well being and growth.

Support Sessions have an exponential effect.