Evolutionary Compass Course: Saturn

Small group program supporting deep personal growth and transformation.

Together we will be using Saturn and the Evolutionary Compass in each individual participant's chart to design real life strategies for living a fuller and happier life.

The Evolutionary Compass is your unique master key to happiness and freedom from past conditioning. Saturn supports your executive function, integrity, and systems for sustained well being.

4 individual Resource Sessions with Nancy, 4 group sessions, and opportunity for a deeper dive through optional weekly exercises and additional Resource Sessions at a discount.

If you’ve never had a reading with Nancy, you need to schedule one before the group begins. https://www.saturnspeaks.com/astrological-readings

4 Group Sessions in Chapel Hill:

Sunday 9/8 at 3-6 pm

Sunday 10/13 at 3-6 pm

Sunday 11/3 at 3-6 pm

Sunday 12/8 at 3-6 pm

(It is alright if you need to miss one of these group sessions)

4 Private 1 hour Resource Sessions with Nancy in person or by phone (scheduled individually)

Contact Nancy to register nfantozzi@mac.com

Study Group: Interpreting Astrology Charts

Gain skill and confidence while practicing hands on chart interpretation using the charts you are most interested in.

1 Private mentoring Session with Nancy, 4 Study Group Sessions, and opportunity for a deeper dive through optional home exercises and additional Mentoring Sessions at a discount.

A fundamental familiarity with Planets, Signs, and Houses is recommended. If you need to learn the fundamentals, schedule an additional 2 hour private lesson with Nancy before the Study Group begins. https://www.saturnspeaks.com/astrological-mentoring

September - October

4 (2 Hour) Study Group meeting times will be chosen by the group

1 (90 minute) private Mentoring Session scheduled individually


Contact Nancy to register nfantozzi@mac.com

Astrology Sign of the Month Series: Libra

The first in a series of fun, interactive monthly classes focusing on the Astrological Signs. Learn Libran mindfulness practices and life hacks, gain a deeper understanding of what Libra means in your own chart, and enjoy healthy Libran snacks. This class is for everyone, at any level of experience with Astrology.

10:30-12 Saturday 9/28 in Chapel Hill


Contact Nancy to register nfantozzi@mac.com