Meet Nancy


From an early age I was exposed to the complexities of human life, and the power of the human spirit to overcome challenge, discover meaning, and be guided by non-linear perception. Growing up in a multi-cultural, urban community and being immersed in other cultures allowed me to observe the full spectrum of human experience. Astrology as a healing art was introduced to me when I was 20, while being mentored by a group of working class psychics in Boston. I learned how to calculate charts (pre-computer software), and spent many years observing the relationship between a person’s astrology chart and their life. Studying astrological influences at work in real peoples' lives laid the foundation of my knowledge as a counseling astrologer. Isabel Hickey and Tracy Marks were my most influential early teachers, and I later apprenticed with the kind and masterful Steven Forrest, who gave me the gift of making my knowledge and perception useful for people.

My personal style is insightful, nurturing, intuitive, and full of faith in humanity. 


I practice and teach my own form of Evolutionary Astrology, developed over decades of working with people. My expertise is in understanding how the movement of the planets influences human life, and how best to guide and support individual transformation. There are many ways for the planets’ influences to manifest, and for us to respond to their influences. There are also some clear directives about what responses will bring well-being and cautions about what will bring unhappiness. I help clients to better understand themselves and those close to them, to integrate best practices in to their lives, and to use astrological symbols as tools for self care.

I have continually refined my practice as a counseling astrologer, making my work as useful as possible for people who are highly motivated to gain freedom from past conditioning, and transform into their fullest self.